Our prices are dependent on various factors like: 

  • Time spent on the field shooting.
  • Duration of the video material.
  • If the material should be color corrected and graded, respectivelly if the photographs should be post processed.
  • Transportation and time spent to get to the scene (wait the perfect conditions).
  • Delivery time requirements.
  • Revisions of the deliverable.
  • Copyrights requirements: exclusive, or non-exclusive.

Last but not least, price may vary based on the risk assessment for the project, legal requirements, flight permission taxes, if shooting over water or many people, if tight envirounment, close to No-Fly-Zones, indoors, etc. More information about our terms and conditions you can find here.

The delivery of the respective material (video or photos) is done after full payment. Samples with watermarks can be shared in advance for approval in case of requested revisions. Shooting outside Sofia, would mean more logistic costs and it would need more time, so then an advance payment may be required.

Please contact us and describe your requirements in order to calculate precise offer in your case.



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